1. Is this is a real website?

As real as a Pokemon.

2. I shared this to Facebook and Twitter. When will I get my gift voucher?

Have you mailed the FB / Twitter Link to gift-voucher@comicoast.com? If not, do it now!

3. I have requested for a return of my item. When will it happen?

It's already under process. We will complete the transaction once Rahul Gandhi becomes the PM.

4. What are the checks done by SpamDeal while accepting (picking up) a return product?

We look into the customer's eyes. Agar aankhon meni sacchai hai, toh returns acceptable hai.

5. Why do I see different prices for the same product?

We deliberately do it so that you feel there are multiple sellers for one product. :D

6. I have more questions

Give us a shout at gift-voucher@comicoast.com