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In-person Meetings

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Book Gunda X and our Thug-xecutive will meet your target in-person.

Our Thug-xecutive will understand your situation

He/She will then meet your target in-person

Physical state of target after meeting will be 96%*to 99.82%*of the Physical state before meeting

Mental state of target after meeting will be 13.15% to 37% of the Mental state before meeting

We will not physically harm your target. We will only sweet-talk him to see your point-of-view

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Why Us?

Muscular Build

Arnold Shivajinagar mixed with Dharmender

Fluent in Bambaiya Hindi

Jackie Shroff listens when we speak

Guaranteed Scare

Pack 50 Conjuring into a single phone call

Use Cases

1. The Car Crash

Did someone crash into your car? Our Gundas will reach your place in 20 mins and handle the rest of the conversation!

2. The Khadoos Boss

Is your Appraisal due and you know your boss is in cost-cutting mode? We can change his mood in the parking lot!

The GundaJoy Guarantee

We take great pride in our work. We ensure the highest quality in all our dealings. We ensure that each meeting receives the amount of attention, cuss-words and death threats it deserves. However, we do realize our Thug-xecutives are also human. Sometimes, they falter and feel sorry for the target. In such events, we will refund your money and your next meeting is free!

Our thug-xecutive then undergoes 5 reps of "Saw" back-to-back.