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The last resort

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For cases that require more than phone-calls and meetings

Our Executive will understand your situation

He/She will then - joh hona hai woh hoga

We have a success rate of 99.991%

We cannot guarantee the physical state of the target

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Why Us?

Broken Bones

Increase target's bone count by 2x

Experienced Professionals

39+ years combined prison sentence

Guaranteed Scare

Pack 50 Conjuring into a meeting

Use Cases

1. "VCs not funding me" Issues

We guarantee a minimum Series A funding for your startup after first "meeting"

2. Bade Baap ke Bigde Aulad Issues

We are the perfect reply to "Tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai"

The GundaJoy Guarantee

We take great pride in our work. We ensure the highest quality in all our dealings. We ensure that each limb receives the amount of stress, strains, twists and breaks it deserves. However, we do realize our executives are also human. Sometimes, they falter and feel sorry for the targets. In such events, we will refund your money and your next intervention is free!

Our executive then undergoes 5 reps of "Saw" back-to-back.