Gunda Talk

Revolutionalizing Phone-call Extortions

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With Gunda Talk or GTalk, you can book a phone-call from our executive to your target.

Our Executive will understand your situation

He/She will then talk to your target on your behalf

We have a success rate of 99.81%

0.27% of the time - the target was out of phone coverage

The remaining 0.02% of the time our executive felt sorry for the caller

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Why Us?

Rough Voices

Arnold Shivajinagar mixed with Dharmender

Harsh Threats

'Saw' movie is inspired by us

Guaranteed Scare

Pack 50 Conjuring into a single phone call

Use Cases

1. Unpaid Dues?

Are you a freelancer struggling to collect payments from your clients? Would you like cash or cheque?

2. Troublesome Neighbors?

Next door neighbours playing/complaining about loud music? Kripya humein bulaye. Hum bhi band bajayenge

The GundaJoy Guarantee

We take great pride in our work. We ensure the highest quality in all our dealings. We ensure that each phone call receives the amount of attention, cuss-words and death threats it deserves. However, we do realize our executives are also human. Sometimes, they falter and feel sorry for the caller on the other end. In such events, we will refund your money and your next call is free!

Our executive then undergoes 5 reps of "Saw" back-to-back.