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Our Mission

We are an online, hyperlocal, on-demand, marketplace for Goons. The professional Gunda market is currently unorganized and valued at 837 Billion Dollars. And we want a share of that pie. We might also transform the way you hire a Gunda in the process. But who cares about that? All our Gundas undergo a rigourous police verification. Applicants without prior criminal records are outrightly rejected. So, sit back and hire a Gunda from the comfort of your home!

Our Services

Gunda Talk

We will call up your target, talk to him and drive some sense into him; relive our college ragging days

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Our Gundas will conduct an in-person meeting with your target to 'communicate' your point-of-view.

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Gunda Black

For cases that require more than a phone-call and a meeting. Let's hope the target doesn't have brittle bones.

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Client Speak - Mr. Tenali Rahman

"My boss never used to sanction my leaves. Then, a friend recommended using GundaJoy. The Goons were very professional. They broke an extra leg but did not charge for it. Definitely using GundaJoy again!"

Client Speak - Mr. Matt Dayum

"My girlfriend's father refused to allow our marriage. GundaJoy professionals refused to have mercy. Definitely coming back to GundaJoy for my mother-in-law."

Client Speak - Mr. Nirantar Kale

"Tried GundaJoy once. Way better than its rival app - Gunda4u"

Client Speak - Anonymous

"Used GundaJoy to beat up a random stranger yesterday. Best day of my life."

Meet Our Professionals

Pinky Hateli

"Pinky Hateli - Always a Sautan, Never Saheli"

Teeku Tamancha

"Apan hai Teeku Tamancha, Aankh nikaalke khelta kancha"

Pappu Pujari

"Naam hai Pujari, Leta main Supari"

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