So what does Comicoast mean?

Nothing. It's just a word we made up.

It sounds stupid. So what do you do? (apart from sounding stupid)

We make enjoyable online experiences - and we make it indepth.

"Enjoyable Online Experiences" - that sounds like jargon.

Well we made that up too.

And it means?

That our content will be fun and in multiple forms - Website Spoofs, Quizzes, Webcomics, etc.


Because we believe Online Humor should not be limited to 140 character Tweets or Facebook Photos.

Are you against Tweets and FB Photos?

Of course not. We enjoy them as much as you do. But we felt the need for something more immersive.

Do you not realize that this generation has a short attention span?

Yes. But you did reach till this point, right?

Hmmm. Maybe...

Yeah. Even if there is 1 person who enjoys this content as much as we do, then it's worth it.

Do you guys have a Twitter Handle or a Facebook Page?  and

How do I get to know when a new Comicoast is up?

You can keep checking our page like you check your fridge. Not too enthused about that? Join our Newsletter!

How often do you update? Will you spam me?

Usually once a month. And no. We hate spam as much as you do.

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Comicoast - Experiments in Humor